Tee Distance Par
479 yards 4
479 yards 5
454 yards 4
395 yards 5

A par 5 off the reds, a 4 off the yellows, a 5 off the whites and a 4 off the blues – but whichever tee you play from this is an early test and the first hole to play into the prevailing wind. Anything that has been gained down the 3rd, to which it runs parallel, is often handed back – and more – here. The semi-blind drive – a recurring Alwoodley feature – conceals what is actually a generous fairway with more room to the right than it appears.

A running second shot can catch a downslope that will help your ball chase up towards the green. The bank on the left can act as a cushion for the approach and is useful when the hole is cut on that side of the green.