Alwoodley is a proud host of some of the game’s most prestigious events

Alwoodley is proud to have hosted several prestigious amateur and professional events over the years including:

Regional Qualifying for the Open Championship

  • On multiple occasions since 2000 and ongoing until 2022.

Ladies’ British Amateur Championship

  • 1971, won by Mickey Walker
  • 2004, won by Clare Queen
  • 2007, won by Carlota Ciganda

Brabazon Trophy – the English Open Amateur Strokeplay Championship

  • 2019, won by Ben Schmidt

English Ladies’ Amateur Championship

On three occasions since 1967.

  • 1967, won by Anne Irvin
  • 1987, won by Joanne Furby
  • 2011, won by Charley Hull

British Girls’ Championship

  • 1983, won by Evelyn Orley (Switzerland)

English Amateur

On two occasions since 2003.

  • 2003, won by Graeme Storm
  • 2016, won by Joe Dean

“Alwoodley is proud to have hosted several prestigious amateur and professional events over the years”

Tillman Trophy

  • 2006, won by Robert Dinwiddie

Weetabix Challenge

  • In 2001, the Ladies’ European Tour took on GB&I’s Elite Squad of amateurs, winning 13-5.

Yorkshire Ladies’ Amateur Championship

On six occasions since 1922.

  • 1922, won by Ursula White
  • 1952, won by Anne Scargill
  • 1975, won by Vanessa Marvin
  • 1986, won by Pat Smillie
  • 1999, won by Rebecca Hudson
  • 2008, won by Naomi Edwards
  • 2022, won by Emma Brown

Yorkshire Amateur Championship

On eight occasions since 1965.

1965, won by Rodney Foster
1972, won by Michael Holliday
1978, won by Paul Carrigill
1985, won by Stephen Field
1989, won by Stephen East
1995, won by Jonathan Ellis
2001, won by Richard Finch
2008, won by Richard Law
2014, won by Julian Taylor
2021, won by Joshua Berry

British Seniors’ Open Amateur Championship

  • 1989, won by Charlie Green

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