Did you know….. 

Alwoodley Golf Club is part of The Alister MacKenzie Society, which represents 15 renowned Alister MacKenzie-designed golf courses. The Society’s focus is on history, preservation, and the perpetuation of Alister MacKenzie’s design principles that make golf such an enjoyable pastime for golfers of all skill levels. 

Each year the Society gets together for the Alister MacKenzie Society Gathering. Besides a multi-day golf competition among the Clubs, there are fascinating educational presentations on the work of MacKenzie, plus an array of social interactions among the hundreds of attendees. 

The very first course designed by MacKenzie, in 1907, was Alwoodley. That was followed by Moortown in 1909. Both courses are found in North Leeds, with their clubhouses just half a mile apart. 

MacKenzie was both a founder member of Alwoodley and also the first secretary until he resigned in May 1909. He was then immediately elected as a member of the green committee. 

The good doctor became captain of Alwoodley in 1912. At the same time his wife, Edith, was continuing as lady captain for her second year in office.  In 1913, MacKenzie was also elected captain of Moortown. 

Each member club elects a MacKenzie Society Director ( for a five-year term) and this group comprises the governing body of the Society. A subset of the directors, representing the Society’s original member clubs, forms an executive group with, among their other roles, the responsibility of electing the Society President and Vice President (who both serve two-year terms). 

To qualify for the annual Alister MacKenzie Society Gathering, Alwoodley runs two qualifying competitions for its members annually.  Members’ best scores event are put forward, with the top five, along with the Club Captain, Club Mackenzie Director and Club Professional, making up the team of eight for the trip the following year.   

The 15 member clubs of the Alister MacKenzie Society are as follows:

  • Alwoodley, England
  • Claremont, USA
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Crystal Downs, USA
  • Cypress Point, USA
  • Green Hills, USA
  • Jockey Club, Argentina
  • Lahinch, Ireland
  • Meadow Club, USA
  • Moortown, England
  • Pasatiempo, USA
  • Royal Melbourne, Australia
  • St. Charles, Canada
  • Titirangi, New Zealand
  • Valley Club, USA

Due to Covid-19, the 2020 & 2021 gatherings were cancelled.  However, it is hoped the 2022 gathering will be able to go ahead as planned at Titirangi Golf Club in New Zealand.  

Places on this trip, like all others, will doubtless be highly sought after and strongly contested! 

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